Tesseract Dev

"Mission Impossible?" – Yes, we do that.


At TesseractDev we are focused on R&D, developing new products and technology to enhance, improve and automate industry.

TesseractDev has developed strong relationships with IT, collaborating with them through our advanced research center to create valuable innovations, improving products and processes around the world, every day.

Our philosophy is to build software by building relationships. Through collaborative development with our clients, we are able to create solutions that are flexible while promoting automation, improved quality and fiscal benefits.


Our experience

  • Research and Analysis of complex algorithms.
  • Experts and with a high level of competency in complex back-end engine development.

Our competencies

  • Ruby on Rails, PHP, C++, Python, Joomla
  • Node.js - for backend applications, API's
  • Angular - for modern web apps
  • Web development, custom services, custom development
  • Process automation, building industrial software
  • Virtualization

Our achievements

  • Dedicated R&D projects
  • Submitted patent applications
  • Cooperation with educational units

Need some complex back-end engine function developed to work with your product?
… We are your team!



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International research and development team.